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St. Anthony International Pre-School

A pre-school is a child's second home and it is an important time before a child is old enough to go to school. We make this journey very smooth and memorable for children. Your little child will take the first step into a new world and he or she is not alone. We are always there to help your child get comfortable in a nurturing environment. In pre-school, children learn best through activities they find interesting, such as songs, storytime, scientifically designed games, imaginative play. It helps to develop a healthy attitude, good values, soft skills, creativity, language, mathematical thinking, and communication skills.

St. Anthony International Pre-school has designed a curriculum that is based on environmental studies which include interactive workshops, educational games, outdoor activities, and many more to develop your child's imagination. We engage the children in meaningful play so they can understand various concepts that are academically and socially relevant. We focus on child development including cognitive, physical, emotional, and social abilities so that he or she will become capable of facing the demands and challenges of everyday life.

We aim to provide a secure, happy, and healthy environment to foster your child's unique development so that they can grow into confident, independent, responsible.

Founder's Desk

Ar Varghese John Sir

Our goal is that children should learn in the happiest environment which we do through our programs based on games, fun, and knowledge.

A visionary and a very well-known name in the field of Architecture. He believes that children should learn in the happiest environment which aids concentration and keen interest with respect to education.

Motto - "Education is the foundation blocks to a better future and career"

  • St. Anthony's International Pre-School [Kalyan]
  • Mount Carmel Global School [Murbad]
  • Marthoma Vidya Peth [Titwala]
  • Mount Carmel Education Society [Murbad]
Leo McEnroy V.

The most satisfying experience for me is helping a child to unwrap their potential and spread their wings ready to fly high. Our early childhood programs will help to set your child on the path of future success and prepare them to face life ahead. We have a sincere, and capable team. They will help your child succeed not just at school, but throughout their lives.

He is a perfect example of a humble do-gooder in society. His satisfaction lies in helping children to unwrap their potential and spread their wings to reach new heights using innovative learning techniques.

Motto - "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

  • St. Anthony's International Pre-School [Kalyan]
  • Mount Carmel Education Society [Murbad]